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Spiritual PhytoEssencing
6-Element Air Harmony Blend™

Dr. Berkowsky formulated the Six Element Harmony Blends to be used for the balancing and reintegration of the six elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) within the dynamics of the human organism as well as for feng shui purposes. While each of the blends can be used independently, they are most effective when used interactively.

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6-Element Air Harmony Blend

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Air

Blend: Pine, balsam fir, Peru balsm, ylang ylang, lemon, frankincense, myrtle, hyssop, rosalina, grapefruit, white spruce, lavender, spearmint, eucalyptus.


6-Element Earth Harmony Blend

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Earth

Blend: Cardamom, coriander, grapefruit, cinnamon, patchouli, ylang ylang, blue chamomile, blue cypress, geranium, spikenard, vetivert, lavender, myrrh, ginger, lime.


6-Element Light Harmony Blend

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Light

Blend: St. John's wort, silver fir, carrot seed, grapefruit, bergamot, eucalyptus, frankincense, monarda, neroli, lemongrass, lavender, palmarosa, lime, pine, rosemary


6-Element Warmth Harmony Blend

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Warmth

Blend: Rosemary, lemongrass, sage, ginger, pine, juniper, prickly ash, peppermint, lavender, thyme, cypress, cinnamon, myrrh, cumin.


6-Element Water Harmony Blend

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Water

Blend: Cedarwood, cypress, tea tree, rosemary, celery seed, eucalyptus, grapefruit, holy basil, davana, blue chamomile, geranium, Douglas-fir, balsam fir, lavender.


6-Element Wood Harmony Blend

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Wood

Wood: Roman chamomile, cedarwood, cypress, myrtle, pine, bergamot, cassie, juniper, guaiac wood, olive leaf, lemon, benzoin, sandalwood, orris root, lavender.


Full 6-Element Set

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Air Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Earth Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Light Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Warmth Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Water Spiritual PhytoEssencing Element Wood


Six bottle kit contains: Air Harmony Blend, Earth Harmony Blend, Light Harmony Blend, Warmth Harmony Blend, Water Harmony Blend, and Wood Harmony Blend.

What Students are saying about Dr. Berkowsky's Spiritual PhytoEssencing

"Dr. Berkowsky is a brilliant practitioner of the natural healing arts and an extraordinary pioneer in the field of spiritual aromatherapy. The depth to which he takes his students in the study of Kabbalistic teachings and PhytoEssencing for body and soul is beyond anything else being offered at this time. His non-conventional courses are for the serious student who desires to get at the inner-most core of health challenges today."

- Valerie Cooksley, RN,
Author and Holistic Health Educator

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Spiritual PhytoEssencing Products Now Available

Class CD Sets

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Diploma and Master's Courses Available:

2013 Spiritual PhytoEssencing
Webinar Training Intensive Course

Course topics include

  • In-Depth Exploration of the Inner Nature of Four Essential Oils;
  • Layered Blending Training Exercise;
  • Preparation of a Homeopathic-Style Potentized Dilution of an Essential Oil Blend;
  • Client Interview and Case-Study Analysis Training;
  • Case-Study Training Groups;
  • Situational Blend Training


Spiritual PhytoEssencing Diploma &
Master's Certification Courses Prospectus
Webinar Training Intensive Course

The Diploma Course provides an in-depth understanding of the philosophy of Spiritual PhytoEssencing and the soul nature of 48 essential oils.


Berkowsky's Synthesis Materia
Medica/Spiritualis of Essential Oils

Consists of 110 chapters, covering 110 different essential oils.

This is a work in progress that Dr. Bruce Berkowsky began work on in 1998. It is the central reference manual for the art of Spiritual PhytoEssencing (the system of soul-level healing work) that he began developing in the mid-1990s.


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