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Spiritual PhytoEssencing
Kundalini Chakras Essential Oil Blend Series™

Spiritual PhytoEssencing essential oil formulations are designed in accordance with Dr. Berkowsky's interpretation of the principles of plant signatures, anthroposophical science, neuro-endocrine physiology, specific chakra/essential oil and chakra/color correspondences, the Kabblah, Chinese medicine, as well as the fine art of essential oil perfumery. The component oils are precisely blended and balanced to create powerful synergistic entities that can readily be acted upon by both the body's biophysical and bioenergetic mechanisms.

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Chakra 1 & 2: Earth-Water Essence

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 1 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 2


Blend: ginger, geranium, cypress, clove, basil, cedarwood, cardamom, pine, hyssop, juniper, myrrh, jasmine, ylang ylang, vetivert, sandalwood, frankincense, coriander, lavender.

Specific Affinities: Physical Affinities: adrenal glands; kidneys; urinary tract; legs; feet; spine; tailbone; ovaries; uterus; testes; spleen; immune function; blood sugar regulation. Psychical Affinities: survival instinct; rootedness; connection to Earth; fear relative to survival and physical well-being; sexual impulses and sensuality.

Color Affinities: Chakra 1: Red; Chakra 2: Orange


Chakra 3 & 4: Fire-Air Essence

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 3 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 4


Blend: geranium, cassie, juniper, neroli, parsley, grapefruit, rose, spikenard, carrot seed, cardamom, peppermint, lime, rosemary, blue chamomile, celery seed, marjoram, lemon, ginger, tangerine, lavender, lemongrass, patchouli, bergamot, Roman chamomile.

Specific Affinities: Physical Affinities: solar plexus; pancreas; blood sugar; stomach; spleen; liver; gall bladder; small intestine; nervous system; thymus; immune function; lymph system; lungs; cardiovascular system; endocrine system. Psychical Affinities: reason and logic; personal power; integration of higher and lower aspects of consciousness; love, empathy, harmony and balance.

Color Affinities: Chakra 3: Golden-Yellow; Chakra 4: Emerald-Green


Chakra 5 & 6: Sound-Thought Ethereal Essence

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 5 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 6


Blend: lemon, cardamom, sage, clove, bergamot, lavender, cinnamon, Peru balsam, davana, frankincense, jasmine, spikenard, carrot seed, peppermint, rosemary, melissa, cypress, sandalwood, silver fir, bitter orange, Roman chamomile, blue cypress, eucalyptus, monarda, violet leaf.

Specific Affinities: Physical Affinities: atlas vertebra; autonomic nervous system; nose; ears; eyes; vocal cords; hypothalamus; cervical region; thyroid; parathyroid; pituitary; respiratory system; lower brain. Psychical Affinities: openness and awareness; understanding of Self and self-identity; expression and interpretation of communication; telepathy and clairaudience; intuitive knowledge; knowledge and understanding of truth; transcendent wisdom; awakening to reality to cause and effect.

Color Affinities: Chakra 5: Turquoise-Blue; Chakra 6: Indigo


Chakra 7 & 8: Light-Cosmic Essence

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Light-Cosmic Essence


Blend: violet leaf, lime, cistus, monarda, angelica, neroli, lavender, pine, geranium, clary sage, rosemary, benzoin, frankincense, catnip, ravensare, grapefruit, sandalwood, rosewood, cassie, bergamot, peppermint, palmarosa.

Specific Affinities: Physical Affinities: pineal gland; cerebral spinal fluid; light metabolism; central nervous system; upper brain; hair; crown of head. Psychical Affinities: expanded awareness; pure intelligence; enlightenment; cosmic consciousness; peace and Oneness with all life; self-actualization.

Color Affinities: Chakra 7: Violet or combination of all colors: white light; Chakra 8: White


Master Chakras Blend

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 1 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 2 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 3 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 4 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 5 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 6 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 7


Blend: spruce, mandarin peel, sage, patchouli, tulsi, clary sage, vetivert, jasmine, lemongrass, cedarwood, lemon, valerian root, sandalwood, frankincense, spikenard, rose, monarda, lavender.

Specific Affinities: Physical Affinities: complete range of physical affinities. Psychical Affinities: complete range of psychical affinities.

Color Affinities: full spectrum of colors


Full Chakra Set

Five bottle kit contains: Chakra 1 & 2, Chakra 3 & 4, Chakra 5 & 6, Chakra 7 & 8, and the Master Chakras Blend.

Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 1 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 2 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 3 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 4 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 5 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 6 Spiritual PhytoEssencing Chakra 7

What Students are saying about Dr. Berkowsky's Spiritual PhytoEssencing

"Dr. Berkowsky is a brilliant practitioner of the natural healing arts and an extraordinary pioneer in the field of spiritual aromatherapy. The depth to which he takes his students in the study of Kabbalistic teachings and PhytoEssencing for body and soul is beyond anything else being offered at this time. His non-conventional courses are for the serious student who desires to get at the inner-most core of health challenges today."

- Valerie Cooksley, RN,
Author and Holistic Health Educator

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Spiritual PhytoEssencing Diploma and Master's Courses Available:

2013 Spiritual PhytoEssencing
Webinar Training Intensive Course

Course topics include

  • In-Depth Exploration of the Inner Nature of Four Essential Oils;
  • Layered Blending Training Exercise;
  • Preparation of a Homeopathic-Style Potentized Dilution of an Essential Oil Blend;
  • Client Interview and Case-Study Analysis Training;
  • Case-Study Training Groups;
  • Situational Blend Training


Spiritual PhytoEssencing Diploma &
Master's Certification Courses Prospectus
Webinar Training Intensive Course

The Diploma Course provides an in-depth understanding of the philosophy of Spiritual PhytoEssencing and the soul nature of 48 essential oils.


Berkowsky's Synthesis Materia
Medica/Spiritualis of Essential Oils

Consists of 110 chapters, covering 110 different essential oils.

This is a work in progress that Dr. Bruce Berkowsky began work on in 1998. It is the central reference manual for the art of Spiritual PhytoEssencing (the system of soul-level healing work) that he began developing in the mid-1990s.


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